Got your teddy bear? You know, that special security item that you seem to be wearing 24/7? Jane’s Vanity has the knack of choosing such heart’s desires. We asked Friends of JV to consider their current favorite, never-take-it-off, piece. They shared their stories…

KH: Are you kidding? I just returned from a two-day trip that a snowstorm turned into a week! I became, literally, attached to my Wool Silk Top from Dana Pisarra. Warm under a sweater, pretty under a jacket with its lace insert, essential when the wind blew. Very versatile and easy to launder. Did I sleep in it? Not telling…

JA: I have so many beauties that are vying to be my favorite piece. My newest adoration is Gilda & Pearl silk ruby jewel of a short robe that makes a perfect jacket.  I wore it multiple times over a long weekend at the Montage in Laguna Beach. The Dana Pisarra in the all silk Bordeaux color works so well paired with my velvet coat. I adore velvets!! This is the season of layering & my long legs are grateful for the many options of Falke leg wear from tights to over the knees ; colors & patterns galore, hooray! Picking a favorite seems to be a daily affair. 

KB: I find, this time of year, Klements scarves are a must both for warmth and to add color and pop to pretty much anything. The lively prints can bring color to a grey day.  Falke merino and the patterned tights are other favs during the cold season.

KL: How do I love my new Marjolaine Imprimé Fleur Silk Chemise? Let me count the ways: as a decorative addition to pajamas, as my after-bath companion, as a tunic over Dana Pisarra’s Wool Silk Skirt for evening, even belted with jeans and a cardigan for day. When not wearing it (or blissfully laundering it), I study the charming print and marvel at the lace and Marjolaine sewing techniques. How do they do it?

CM: In winter, under all of these layers, I like a light tulle bra with lots of beautiful embroidery (she demonstrates, to reveal a bit of Gilda & Pearl). I adore the new Studio Pia Gabriella Longline Lingerie Set of purple silk and recycled tulle. Its golden embroidery is based on the wicker art of Italian designer Gabriella Crespi.

ET: Robes are my go-to in every season, especially the cooler months. When I finish working, the first thing I do is change out of my clothes and into something more comfortable -- including a robe. Chilly mornings while I drink my morning coffee? Also a robe. It's still cool enough that I'm still alternating between my Morpho + Luna wool flannel dressing gown and my luxe Gilda & Pearl silk velvet robe, but pretty soon I'll need to switch to lighter options, like Lise Charmel's Reve Orchidee . 

Put on a little Elvis and slip into your favorite JV teddy bear. Let it lead you anywhere. 24/7.

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