Easy Ways to Check Bra Fit: Comfort Is Key


We’ve all heard the scare stories about the huge percentage of women wearing the wrong bra size. From Oprah to magazines to newspaper headlines, the world has been in an uproar about bra fit for a number of years now. The question remains: how do you know if your bra fits correctly? This segment of our three-part blog series is focused on one of the most controversial elements of bra fit, yet one of the most important: comfort.



Lingerie professionals tend to fall into two categories: those who see comfort as a vital element of bra fit, and those who go by the numbers. Over the course of my decade in the lingerie industry, my perspective has shifted substantially.

I started my career as a bra fit zealot. “Throw it away!” I would proclaim to women I’d just told they were wearing a dramatically incorrect size. I went by the numbers, and fully believed that everyone should feel more comfortable in the “correct” bra - even if they didn’t like it initially.

In the years that have passed, I have learned that there are many people who simply prefer to wear a size that bra fitters wouldn’t necessarily deem “correct”. Whether it’s the comfort of a looser band -for health reasons or otherwise- or the “cleavage” of a smaller cup, not everyone is happiest in the size that I see as the best fit. And that’s okay. Now, when I’m fitting people, I ask how the bra feels. If they express discomfort or dissatisfaction regarding the fit, I explain exactly why I think that this is the ideal size for them, but also emphasize that the goal is for them to buy a bra they love and will wear - not one that will languish in the back of a drawer for being uncomfortable. While I fully believe that everyone should make an educated decision on what bra size they wear, I don’t believe in forcing people into something that makes them uncomfortable. In a world filled with external cues for what’s “right” and “wrong”, it is nice to hand some power back to the buyer in terms of what they feel best in.


There are so many elements to finding a bra that fits, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Be sure to read the previous two blog posts to learn bra fit basics on the band and the cup.

Next in line in the fit discussion: finding the right bra for your breast shape. In the mean time, if ever you have any questions about size or fit, feel free to send us a message - we’re here to help.

xo, Emily

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