An Ode to Womanhood

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and with it comes an important reminder to celebrate all the women in our lives - mothers or no. Take a moment to think of the women that have loved, nurtured & inspired you throughout your life. From sisters to lovers, mothers to friends, we all get our consolation and encouragement from different female voices. Why not thank them for their support with the gift of luxury?

It is easy to shrug Mother’s Day off as just another Hallmark holiday, but we prefer to look at it as an annual reminder for gratitude. Some of us have incredible, strong relationships with our mothers, and others have found their strength in other women in their lives. There is a depth of love in the female spirit that is infinitely tender - and this tenderness has absolutely nothing to do with biology. Those of us fortunate enough to have this variety of support truly have never ending reasons to express our gratitude.

The gift of luxurious loungewear is that of absolute indulgence. Whether it’s your mother, your wife, or your best friend, why not give the women in your life something that’s just for them? The gift of a silk pajama that wraps them in sensuous decadence, a gown that allows them to tap into their inner glamour queen, or the cocoon of coziness offered by a robe. These treasures allow a break from the banalities of day to day life, and show her that you think she’s worth it.

Have questions about what would make the best gift for the women in your life? Send us a message - we’re happy to help you narrow the playing field. (Hint: the loungewear section in our online boutique is a bountiful place to start!)

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