Christiane Millinger

7970 Polonaise Collection "Bayswater" by Jan Kath

Made in India

he history of the Polonaise rugs was thought to begin in the royal courts of Polish nobility and the Continental ballrooms of Europe due to the presence of house crests in many of the surviving examples. The spun metal threading, often gold and silver, intermingling with the finest silk was assumed to be the result of European workshops, but eventually they were traced to the rug houses of the great Persian sultans, whom produced opulent rugs that perfectly suited the baroque tastes of the period.

Jan Kath continues his love affair with the rugs of days gone by with the Polonaise collection. A true homage to an era where luxury, design, and materials intersected to produce some of the most stunning carpets in history.

Measures: 8'1" x 10'1" Available in custom sizes upon request, contact us for further information.

Materials: Raised silk on wool pile, copper selvage on edges


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