Ziggy Suggests: Be A Flirt!

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He’s back, our chihuahua about town. And, in effort to make the world a jollier place…

Ziggy Suggests: Be A Flirt!

I certainly do. And, as a canine expert on the art of flirting (it’s all in the eyes), I’m here for you. We can practice all afternoon. Then, match a seductive gaze with seductive loungewear from Jane’s Vanity!

First, pay attention to your quarry: Easy to do, when you know you look sharp. I recommend a sparkling collar. Try Cadolle’s Geisha Swarovski Cage Bra with lace choker. Show a little or a lot.

Smile with your eyes: An excellent non-verbal skill. Especially around dinnertime. Accompany with a Grazia’Iliani Wrap Top, in choice of plum, olive or silver.

Use body language: A backward glance can be most effective. Fancy a walk? Show a little shoulder in your Violet & Wren Chatelaine Iris Maxi Robe. 

Laugh: Or bark several times.

Consider some give and take: I prefer a tug toy, but you’ll have plenty of pull in Cadolle’s Tatouage Bodysuit. Come on, let’s play.

Get the idea? Lean into it! And dress your flirty mood in silky and sensuous treasures from Jane’s Vanity.

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