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Nothing else will do. JV Silk pajamas are a must for your lingerie wardrobe. They send you off to blissful sleep, awake you with glamour, travel happily, accessorize with glee. Feel that special something, as you don a pair of Olivia Von Halle’s beautiful creations. A sense of pajama heritage, perhaps.

The colonial English brought the pajama concept from India to Victorian England. Designers such as Poiret and Chanel took the look into the 20th century with drapey garments for parties and beach. Coco’s white silk pajamas are iconic. Hollywood sirens from the 30s looked liberated and sexy in snappy pajamas (witness Carole Lombard). Venetian hostesses celebrated the 60s in cocktail pajamas. The 70s were a downtown pajama nightscape in Halston-esque NYC. Pajamas had arrived--a modern classic, from shorties to haute. What did we ever do without them?

Fast-forward to the early 2010s, when Olivia Von Halle began her quest to design the perfect pair of silk pajamas. The “Lila” was born. Other designs soon followed. As the OVH website notes, “guided by a passion for travel and lifestyle, the brand takes inspiration from timeless pieces..and transforms them into something truly exceptional, blurring the line between nightwear and ready-to-wear.”

And, indeed silk pajamas from Olivia Von Halle are perfection. Their piping, mother-of-pearl buttons, saturated color combinations, and slim fit make them your favorite collectibles. Swoon over the Lila Grace and Lila Joy chrysanthemums. Snuggle up to the new Lila Virginia Pajama in stretch silk velvet floral. Experiment with the Daria, the Millicent, the Alba. Wear them everywhere.

Wait by the door for your next installment of Olivia Von Halle silk pajamas. Jane’s Vanity delivers.

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