Winter Wake Up

Winter sunrises are our reward for waking up early. Let the show begin: first with a dome of lacy purple, followed in rapid succession by stripes of flaming red and pink and gold. The cavalcade recalls the season’s dramatically-colored sleepwear from Jane’s Vanity. We call it “Winter Wake-Up Wear.”

When you open one eye to the earliest light, you might see a sky of purple clouds edged with smoky black. Hey, it's just what you’re wearing: the Clara Silk Pajama Set from Emma Harris. The deep purple camisole and capri-length trousers shimmer with night-dark floral lace appliqué. Reach for the matching Clara Silk Smoking Jacket and get a ringside seat for the next wave of color.

Purple on the horizon gives way to stripes of reddish orange, then glowing dark pink. Perhaps by now you are getting dressed and are inspired to copy nature with the Danainae Lingerie Set from Karolina Laskowska. Its delicate pink Chantilly lace body is trimmed with ultra-textural rosettes of orange and pink. To keep out the chill, toss on the Petra Amber Silk Robe from Studio Pia.

In just a few minutes the sky has changed. If you were waking up right now, you’d see a sky of mesmerizing blue. Which matches your new Veronique Cobalt pieces from Emma Harris. Feel the embrace of winter in this dramatic color, appliquéd in falling flowers of metallic purple lace. Choose the pajama or bias-cut slip. 

The finale is a parade of frosted pink clouds above a throbbing golden horizon. Welcome this gorgeous day in a similar symphony of light: the Erte Silk Velvet Pajamas and Robe from Christine Vancouver. Their devoré (burn-out) silk velvet is printed with a pleasing design of abstract peacock feathers in teal, blue, purple, red, gold and fuchsia.

With JV angels singing in the background, you can now waltz off for your morning espresso! Have a happy day.

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