From Out of the Blue

Surprise! There’s someone new in your life. And a new color to love. Take a chance on romance. And on breathtaking blues from Jane’s Vanity.

Emma Harris jumpstarts the proceedings with thrilling new cobalt blue silk pieces accented by strategically placed metallic purple floral lace appliqué. For a first date, reveal as much as you wish of the pleated-cup Veronique Cobalt Silk Slip with falling flower appliqué below the bust and around the lacy hem. Beneath, wear the Veronique Cobalt Lingerie Set with its fully silk-lined plunge bra. For a second date, make it the Veronique Cobalt Pajama with its lace-trimmed pleated-cup camisole and fancy trousers.  

Or maybe you’re in the mood for the weightlessness of light blue. Vannina Vesperini provides the vintage-inspired Réve Schiap Dress with ¾ sleeves, crossover deep V neckline, and shirred waist. A full skirt and hip flounces add drape and movement. And shoulder pads (if you wish to wear them) conjure a bit more nostalgia. This is the right “make an entrance” dress for date at a cocktail bar.

For an intimate chat at home, lean in, swathed in nothing but the Erte Silk Velvet Robe from Christine Vancouver. The velvet’s devoré (burn-out) texturing adds sheerness and sensuality to its swirling Art Deco print of teal, blue, purple, red, gold, and fuchsia. This robe would also make a lovely frame when worn loosely over the Erte Silk Gown, a spectacularly simple column of teal silk and black lace.

Blues from Jane’s Vanity have the qualities we wish for in love. They’re peaceful, cozy, alive, intimate, surprising. We wear them like a happy embrace.

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