Venus Victorious

Venus, like Jane’s Vanity, knows the art of being semi-clad. Here in Rome, at the Galleria Borghese, Venus is immortalized in marble, as she reclines on her couch wearing next to nothing.  She looks so regal, so pleased with herself. And, after all, it is her moment. Here’s the story:

In classic mythological style, a wedding banquet becomes a face-off among goddesses. In a contest to choose the fairest, Venus wins. Never mind that her ruthlessness starts the Trojan War.  Millenia later, Pauline Bonaparte (sister of Napoleon) languidly posed for the sculptor Antonio Canova as Venus Victrix, the artwork mentioned above. Unbound and proud, her beautiful figure is enhanced by an opulent drape. She is better than naked. Just as you might be, as your silky coverup slips ever so slightly. Jane’s Vanity offers some suggestions for un-coverups.

A mythic JV un-coverup would be the Vegetal Robe from Vannina Vespirini. Its sheer jacquard poly mousseline is light enough to shrug off a shoulder. Its multi-flowered gold-shot pattern wraps the rest of you in romance.

Or, feel the brush of a silk un-coverup against your skin. Wear it with an extravagant casualness, letting it fall as it wishes--the best way to enjoy the mix of pattern and color of Christine Vancouver’s Origami Long Silk Robe.

Your inner Venus (or Pauline) will clamour to un-cover the potential of Gilda & Pearl’s Melitza Long Robe. Its sheer black and gold lace are wearable alone for the ultimate portrait, or as a duster to add mystery to a simple chemise or slip dress. 

Resting on her marble chaise, Venus Victrix lets the world go. What might she be thinking about? Being admired by candlelight (the tradition for viewing art at the time of her creation)? Or, perhaps, which lovely piece from Jane’s Vanity to slip out of next?

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