Travel Advsory: Pack What You Love

Could you do it? Toss practicality to the winds and create a Jane’s Vanity travel wardrobe based on love? We go to the source and ask Jane: 

I absolutely love & believe you should only pack exactly that; what you love!  How you feel in what you wear radiates to others & feels like a personal hug. My secret weapon is scarves, so easy to change up a look. Layers are also essential, slim camisoles, slips, half slips that can become a skirt.  Hosiery & socks are also necessary & take up so little space in your suitcase….. that is if you’re going into fall.”

Let old favorites or new acquisitions be the center of a disciplined plan. Create a daytime look. a dinner look. a bedroom look. That might be all you need. Because, you know, JV pieces like to mingle. We illustrate.

  • Daytime: A chance to strut out your new Sublime a Deux Silk Trouser from Lise Charmel. Wear with Gilda & Pearl’s mellow yellow Persephone Silk Camisole (part of set), wrapped in the swirling colors of the Psychriver Kimono from Klements

  • Dinner: Another love, the Vannina Vespirini midi-length Ocean Silk Slip dress, just needs a little cover up to complete the picture. It might be the fabulous Camo Bloom Silk Shirt from Violet & Wren (left unbuttoned, collar popped) or one of the huge scarf squares from Ika Paris or Klements.

  • Bedroom: Things get interesting with the appearance of two stowaways: the Persephone Silk Slip and Robe from Gilda & Pearl that match the afore-mentioned dreamy yellow Camisole Set. 

  • A Just-for-Fun Wild Card: Tuck in a Klements Chiffon Kaftan in Watchtower or Poison Poppy! 

Notice the switch-out possibilities. For day or evening, the trousers will look well with the Camo Bloom Silk Shirt or the Persephone Robe worn as a duster to reveal a Dana Pisarra Parigi White Cotton Tank beneath. Add a scarf. The Kaftan would be great alone for dinner or bedroom. For day, add a cowboy belt and an interesting boot or sandal. The built-in chiffon print slip adds modesty and shape. You’ll feel divine wearing it over the Camisole Set...or nothing.

Love takes you ‘round the world, with a tiny suitcase filled with hugs from Jane’s Vanity.

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