This Cat’s Pajamas

The fog rolled in as I gazed out over the Bay. It had been a long day. Playdate at 10. Spaghettios at 12. No nap. Out of bananas. Baseball game blacked out in my area. Then the doorbell rang.

My best friend Raymond Chandler had arrived to play our daily game of Clue. He never stinted on refreshments: Goldfish and a quart of organic chocolate milk. He put his feet up on my desk and watched me change a diaper. “Tough case,” he drawled. “Yeah,” I replied, “like Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the conservatory.” Looked like I need a change too. Third one today.

Luckily, I was sartorially prepared, with a tall stack of freshly laundered Derek Rose Men’s Pajamas. I like the Bari Navy, slim cut in finest cotton jersey. Or the fashion-forward Nelson 43 Patterned set in natty cotton weave. Many more to choose from. Someday I’ll wear the Verona Men’s Silk Robe that hangs in the closet. Blue and silver paisley with polka dot pattern at sleeve and collar. But that’s another story. In a moment, I was neat, clean, and didn’t care who knew it. Display handkerchief at the ready (never a bad idea). Time for Sesame Street!

Chandler poured out three shots of the dark elixir and we toasted fatherhood...and the very coolest Derek Rose Men’s Pajamas from Jane’s Vanity!

-Kate L

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