The Versatility of Pajamas

What to do if a wardrobe malfunctions strikes while traveling. Firstly, don't panic; particularly if you're traveling with a beautiful pair of Olivia Von Halle pajamas. I had packed a luscious pair in anticipation of a pajama party with my dear friend Reid in Atlanta. When you have that kind of friend, you are truly lucky. One who has seen you through multiple decades & multiple personalities, that transcends time & distance. Whenever we are together, conversations seamlessly begin & can cast a spell that will last well into the night cusping the new day.

From there my husband, who is also my true love, and I traveled to New Orleans. It's absolutely true what they say about New Orleans; there's no city like it anywhere.  That's what they say & I'm a believer!  

They serve delicious homemade biscuits & jam, & the richest creole coffee ever at The Soniat House. I love this small boutique hotel nestled on a quiet street in the French Quarters. The enormous high ceilings, the spacious gracefully appointed rooms, each with its own unique style & so perfectly inviting, it's hard to resist the impulse to stay there all day long in your pajamas.

Morning brings the choice of sipping coffee under the banyan tree that shades the serene interior terrace or stepping outside onto our sunny balcony & observing the quiet awakening of a New Orleans day in my beautiful pajamas. I'm easily seduced into the big easy of New Orleanian mornings. Now, it's just a good thing I did not go out to listen to music in my pajamas, as that might be an overindulgence of a good thing!

I can't be the only one who has made such a blunder; to depart from your hotel & leave half your wardrobe behind in a dresser drawer?! On the upside, it doesn't happen very often. I don't know why I thought my packing was genius & how congratulatory I was in how easily and handily I managed to repack my same bags with room to spare! Spatial awareness, mathematical equation; I don't know, maybe I was tired?

That made our stay in West Palm Beach interesting; I like to say avant-garde. My pajamas by this point are looking a little tired, but with a little je ne se quoi in your attitude & imagination in how you pair it, it works; after all, imagination is the mother of invention, and that's fashion!

I'm looking forward to our pajama party at French Quarter Linens in Portland Oregon tonight.  Imagining all the possibilities of the ever versatile pajama with fresh new eyes.


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