Layering for Autumn

If we must proceed into a season of cold - and I am trying to be cheerful about this! - then I'm thankful for the colorful options of layering. If it's time to tuck away sheers, then bringing forth an arm load of camisoles & feeling the deliciously cozy hand of silks, cashmeres, & wool knits; that's sure to bring the sensation of the lips curving upwards into a smile. Dana Pisarra never disappoints & they seems to live on forever with little to no sign of how very long you've owned the piece. That makes them excellent investments. Camisoles, particularly silks, act as a layer of warmth & also as a buffer between clothes that tend to cling to each other in ways you would like to avoid. They are a friend to your wardrobe in many ways, sleekly complicit in warmth & comfort.

And away goes summer; take the socks & the pastel sheers too. Start dreaming of an exotic vacation while you still remember where you put them so it won't seem such a desperate act.

Hello winter; cashmere coziness, knitwear & a plentitude of opaque leg wear. Over the knees are great with boots, & opaque patterns & washes of rich jewel tone colored tights allow you to continue your love affair with dresses otherwise unable to continue in your wardrobe with the cold weather. Yes, but what about stay ups? Am I the only one concerned that they seems to be a disappearing species?!!  They are both comfortable & sexy; that's a winning combination. The only trick is that your leg has to be warm so that the silicone will adhere. Other then long winter treks in the great outdoors, I don't see this as a problem as we are warm blooded creatures. Not to worry you overly, we are always on the lookout & we do have some beauties to share with you. The French hosiery company, Gerbe has a beautiful camellia floral print in jet black coming in soon; & the best news yet, it's a stay up! Now, for those of you who want to wear that chic, short, barely there skirt or dress the Gerbe Cuissardes tight is for you. Designed to look like an over the knee; opaque to sheer with a lacing effect in the back. A strong sexy look; are you ready?!

Chin up; stay warm, & sally forth into the season with one beautiful leg forward after another.

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