The Power to Disturb

Beauty comes in many forms. Tricky to define, perhaps, but present all around us, nevertheless. Beautiful lingerie explains it all by whispering: slow down, enjoy this precious fleeting life. It can be disturbing to deal with beauty–but, in the nicest way. Jane’s Vanity brings us very special lingerie with the power to disturb.

For example: the Jardin de la Lune Gown Set from Gilda & Pearl is audaciously beautiful in itself and not afraid to show off the beauty of the wearer. It calls to us, in sheer black stretch tulle that is embellished here and there with black and white floral embroidery. Panties included. And what does it say? Beach weekend. Are we listening?

Perhaps our serious, no-nonsense side needs the nudge of beautiful orchid purple. Let’s wear it, in the form of Emma Harris’s simple Rochelle Orchid Slip with smokey lavender lace appliqué. Perfect for a sharp jacket and an afternoon walk. To stop, look up, and admire the finger-painted purple sky. 

Or we could be the instigators of beauty with the Witchflower Zennor Dress from Klements. And disturb others with our dancing feet and swirling skirt in almost 16 feet of bias-cut silk. This dress is a commitment to joy.

Make getting dressed (or undressed) a meditation on beauty, in Jane’s Vanity’s thoughtfully collected disruptors.

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