The Miniest

For me, the thought of a mini skirt recalls a 60s party at which, to avoid looking frumpy, I shortened my mini while wearing it!  The Mary Quant exhibition, on view until February 16, 2020 at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, is a fashion legacy as well as a nudge of nostalgia. Jane of Jane’s Vanity recently visited the show. She gives us a “short” overview.

“The power of youth is so evident in this exhibition, from archival film footage to a display of shiny rain slickers in a rainbow of colors. Mary Quant was not from a traditional fashion background. She did everything on a shoestring. Her shows were fun, modeled by friends, more like a party. That mood struck a chord with young Londoners in the 60s. The response to her designs and store was a surprise even to Mary Quant. But, she went with it, rode it like a wave. What continues to resonate from the exhibition? That JV clothes are also adventurous and colorful. That length is fun to play with. In short, that lingerie is an easy way to catch the Mary Quant spirit!” 

And here are three JV possibilities from British design houses:

Coco de Mer’s Obsidian Lace Slip is slinky enough to go-go out on the town. Its mini-length shaper is silhouetted beneath a longer overlay of luscious fishnet and floral lace. 

Klements’s Bamboo Jungle Mildred Blouse looks a bit schoolgirl, a Mary Quant trope. The demure collar and bright geometric print contrast nicely with its silk chiffon sheerness. Layer it, bare it. 

Loveday London’s Lysander Silk and Leather Chemise feels so swingy in short stretchy white silk, accented by heavy black and white lace. The cups are constructed of lambskin. Definitely adventurous, and too pretty to hide.

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