The Long View

A lingerie purchase from Jane’s Vanity is of the moment. A thrill. To be enjoyed right now. But, whether you realize it or not, it is also an investment in the future. Because its beauty and quality will give you pleasure for a long time. As if you were taking a journey together. Let us count the ways that fine lingerie goes the distance.

But first, an Example: Some years ago, an Elise Anderegg sheer Chantilly lace camisole came into my possession, from JV. A dusky pink. It is as lovely now, and as surprisingly sturdy, as it was then. In the winter, I sleep in it (or one of several other pretty camisoles), underneath flannel pajamas, just to feel like a girl. Last night, for an evening at home, I wore this ensemble with Dana Pisarra’s newly-reordered black lace Luxor Wool Silk Skirt on top of my pajama trousers. My way to keep warm and to experiment. Old and new, crazy and fun. We’re all evolving. Here’s how it works to collect fine lingerie:

It is economical. After an initial investment, you will have this treasure for many years.

It is a building block for your wardrobe. Rather than being disposable, fine lingerie becomes a part of your look. Its color, materials, and craftsmanship inspire you. A little collection of these beauties gives you lots of choices (and rotation is key to longevity).

It is timeless, but also playful. (See Example, above). Emily Tate, of JV, continues to take her Christine Vancouver Darwin Silk Gown through the seasons with a little tee shirt worn underneath in fall, a navy sweater popped on top in Winter. And so on. This print gown goes with everything, feels so great.

It is a pleasure to care for and to display. It takes just a few minutes to hand wash fine lingerie. For delicate laundering, JV recommends the liquid laundry soap SOAK, a quick wrap in a towel, then air-drying. For storage, enjoy curating and displaying your lingerie in a way that allows maximum visibility. Color-coordinate!

It is an instant collector’s item, a snapshot of an artist’s viewpoint that won’t be repeated. Gifted designers sometimes move on. If you love it, don’t wait. 

It recreates your memories. This might be my favorite reason to collect lingerie. Because a beautiful JV romantic/travel wardrobe makes all of the difference. You won’t forget it. Revisit the experience anytime.

At Jane’s Vanity, we take the long view: lingerie as a way of life.

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