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Cheers to Linda and Stephanie, who are living La Vida Lingerie by posting their daily Jane’s Vanity ensembles on Insta for a year, starting March 1! This is truly taking mindfulness to a new level. (Click here to see images from Linda and Stephanie's post in #JV365!)

Having just read Jacques Helleu’s giant photo essay on his life at Chanel, I am trying to imagine his admonition to pursue a “seductive lifestyle.” For Helleu, it meant  60s Paris: fast cars, pretty girls, good cigars, and hanging out with the likes of Jean-Louis Trintignant. But he loved the luxury of simplicity, too. He was happy to go to bed early, dabble in his passion for model trains, take time for a real conversation. He was a connoisseur of each moment.

What is your “lifestyle?” Maybe La Vida Loca? An art form in itself, I think. But sometimes it is essential to slow down. Helleu’s impossible dream can inspire us to stop for a moment and celebrate our crazy lives. Slip into something soothing from Jane’s Vanity for a lifestyle tune-up.

The Carpool Lifestyle: Silk Pajamas, of course. Choose the zebras on Olivia Van Halle’s Lila Madeline Set. Just add a cabbie cap. Next stop, grocery store.

The Boardroom Lifestyle: Your body language is straight from Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk on assertiveness. Underneath your business attire, your Marjolaine chemise is cheering you on.

The Urban Farm Lifestyle: Speak sweetly to the lettuce as you launder all of your prettiest things and hang them out to dry on the clothesline. Wear the Christine Vancouver Gatsby Patterned Velvet Kimono. Just add jeans and rubber boots to head off to the feed store in your Ferrari.

You’re doing it! You’re living The Lingerie Lifestyle!

-Kate L

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