Hotel California


Reservations at Hotel California? Such a lovely place. Better pick up a few things at Jane’s Vanity.

Oregonians have a fascination with wicked California. The joke is that, when the 19th century wagon trains arrived on the West Coast, all of the cool people turned left. Yet, Oregon’s dorkiness, slower pace, and even its inclement weather hold an attraction for us, and even for some of our southern neighbors. That is, when we are not fantasizing about mythical Cali.

So, pack up, let’s go. Jeans? Check? Sunglasses? Ditto.

Could be chilly in San Francisco. We’ll blend right in with a Zynni’s Black Boatneck Cashmere Poncho. And, of course, a pair of Gerbe’s Cocktail d’Hiver tights underneath for a little added insulation (an Oregon secret).

Night by the bay demands lightweight but cozy Esme floral silk robe and pajamas from Derek Rose. Further south, we’ll mix these pieces up in new ways.

Next stop Hearst Castle. Tourists? Not us. Not in our Klements’ billowy Rainbow Trout Dusk dresses. Look, a zebra!

LA on the horizon. Time to gear up with Loveday London’s Demetrius Leather and Lace bralette set. Just add jeans and the floral silk robe. First stop, Disneyland? Be kind to us, Google Maps.

Somehow we find ourselves in Palm Springs. A good place to take stock. And reinvent. The desert inspired the Eagles to write the song, you know the one. Let’s get in the mood with a Marjolaine Kimono by the pool. Time to relax. I think we’ve arrived.

-Kate L

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