The Epic Everyday

Low-slung black joggers look great with a pretty bra. A sexy camisole elevates the grocery run. Silk pajamas add swagger to the dog walk. Jane’s Vanity orchestrates our casual everyday style.

Today is the right day to wear a magical bra from Taryn Winters. The impulse might be to save such a wonder for a “special occasion.” But perhaps it works the other way round, sì? Wake up your world with the transformative Margot Beaded Lingerie Set in embellished black. Feel the luxury of its ultra-soft tulle, like a friendly hello. Channel the grace of its sultry shape and dark dazzle.

When food shopping, all roads lead to the fancy chocolate aisle. It’s where to see and be seen. Everyone is there, studiously absorbed in their selections, until...a glimpse of Gilda & Pearl’s Ophelia Emerald Silk Camisole Set calls them to a new level of fancy packaging. With a smile to your public, you shimmer away toward frozen foods. 

Spring heralds a new day for you and ____ (walkee’s name here). No more flashlights or weird dog sweaters. Unencumbered, you’re both free to prance around in the soft breeze, noses aloft. Silk pajamas are in order (for you). Once around the block in Olivia Von Halle’s dapper Lila sets: the golden Lila Havana with splashes of tropical flowers or the Lily Amity in navy with little chevrons. For warm weather, try the Daria Navy Cropped Pajama with short sleeves and white silk trim. Love the Peter Pan collar blouse and wide-leg trouser.

Jane’s Vanity makes each day so delicious!

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