The Art of Flirtation

To play the game, start with lovely lingerie. It molds you in more ways than one. And reminds you each morning to pay attention to your world, to be your most engaging self, and to demand that of others. Beautiful underthings wake you up to the little pleasures of life:

The Walk: An Avignon summer taught me that French walk. Let your ankles radiate a message as you stroll by. Your stockings might be Gerbe’s Ooh La La tight.

The Look: “Le Regard,” doesn’t require a smile, quite the reverse. Glance over your shoulder in a meaningful way clad in a Dana Pisarra Lined Black Lace Shell.

The Wit: A subtle remark is sometimes the nicest way to attract. Show your snappy self in an intellectual print blouse from Klements.

The Mystery: Keep them guessing. Add a Klements scarf to enhance the allure.

The Light in Your Eyes: Get into the mood with something that shines like Marjolaine’s Silver Racerback Chemise.

The Laugh: What could be more charming and intriguing than the joyous silvery sound of laughter? Well, perhaps the happy Splendeur Soir bra set with boyshort panties to match from Lise Charmel.

You’re ready. Get out there and flirt!

-Kate L

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