A Mural of Lingerie

The virtual marketplace tells its stories via images, in much the way of ancient wall paintings or medieval stained glass windows. In the case of Instagram, more like Italian mosaics. The online world is modern and snappy, yet old and familiar. Each photo is carefully composed to create a narrative about the designer--the wearer--the potential of a garment. Yet, when taken together, these images merge into something else. Step back. They become the myth, the mural.

I can visualize a glorious Jane’s Vanity mural that casts each of us in an iconic role. We are goddesses, birds, tigers, singers, dancers. We can fly. Wearing the loveliest garments. Together our various outfits showcase a lingerie wardrobe to wear throughout our fabulous day. Color is essential for a mural: bold and dramatic. The landscape is varied, from rolling hills to cities of promise. Handy for clothes that can travel. The perspective is multiple. Grabs attention. The style is timeless.

Create your own mural of lovely things. Build on basics such as a bra set, a chemise, then add a cover-up, stockings, an amazing dress. Mix and match. Tell your story.  

-Kate L

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