The Absolutely Perfect Just What I Wanted

Consider the proper response to a gift from Jane’s Vanity. It might be a wild embrace for the giver, a little jig, or a dash for the full-length mirror. Or all three. Here we wrap up a few possibilities to elicit such a happy reaction.

It is a gift in itself to know that someone has chosen, just for you, a sultry slip in fuchsia pink. Gilda & Pearl’s Sophia Silk Slip Dress is a daily affirmation of your fabulousness. To acknowledge such charming support, start with “thank you, darling,” then lead with your heart.

There is nothing quite like receiving the gift of a beautiful robe and matching little nothing for underneath. Gilda & Pearl’s Golden Hour Collection suits the moment with choice of robe, little top, camisole set, and slip. Each matching piece is constructed of mellow chartreuse silk and lavishly trimmed with golden lace. Fun to watch the giftee scoop up such bounty and disappear, with the memorable parting words, “I’ll be right back.”

Sometimes, for a thank you, a certain facial expression is all that is required. We illustrate with Cadolle’s Lady Sheer Striped Slip, in black poly. Picture it being gently lifted from its beribboned box. A hush descends. The giftee turns her head slightly to admire the inviting length, the ultra-high slits at the sides, the deep v-neck back. A little grin emerges. You’re welcome.

Get grateful, in lingerie and loungewear gifts from Jane’s Vanity.

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