That Dress

Occasionally a fashion image will come along that is so iconic that it alters our idea of how to dress. For example, Ginger Rogers wearing a simple black crepe de chine afternoon dress in a movie dance number with Fred Astaire. The dress, modest at first glance, becomes part of the action as it floats around Rogers’s flashing legs. It reminds us that a dress can spotlight our best features. Jane’s Vanity shows the way.

Klements’s supple Long Velvet Frieda Dress guides the eye to shapely ankles. The Volcano Patti Dress showcases glamorously cool shoulders. The drapey Gothic Floral Empress Kaftan frames a lovely throat and chest.

Dana Pisarra’s Dream Embroidered Cotton Kaftan is a gift to bosom and legs. The Cannes Sleeveless Shift accents a figure tres sportif. The longer-length Cannes Kaftan (in white or black) frames a pretty wrist with its ¾ sleeve.

The Trailing Guava Backless Gown from Violet and Wren assures a flattering rear view.

Accessorized for maximum effect, a Jane’s Vanity dress could be your signature for an iconic spring and summer.    

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