Thank you, Slim

At one time I knew nothing about photographer Slim Aarons, even whether male or female. I just knew that I loved her/his languid and colorful photographs of the beautiful and famous capering on sunny beaches or in cool palazzos.

A trip to the library cleared things up, with a delicious assortment of coffee table books. Slim is definitely male. A veteran of World War II, he vowed to leave combat photography behind forever and take only photos of “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.”  Mid-century glossy magazines like Holiday and Town and Country were happy to send him out on assignment. And so his world arrived on the family doorstep, calling out to my young self. It continues to speak.

Today his influence is felt in the work of photographers such as Amelia Troubridge, Massimo Vitali, Gray Malin. His sunny mood is both contemporary and nostalgic. I wonder if one might apply Aaron’s sexy style to one’s life. Sort of a variation on the Ken Burns effect? For example:

Be ready for a pose in the unforgettable Christine Vancouver’s Peacock Glamour Gown. Queen of all you survey.

Conjure an Italian beach scene in Cadolle’s Gloria Galaxie Bralette Set. Just add sunglasses. Bellissima!

Showcase your interesting little world in Morpho+Luna’s Zac Gold Velvet Lounge Set. Iconic.

There are never too many ways to enjoy your Jane’s Vanity wardrobe. And, with a little smile or sangfroid stare, to celebrate the Slim Aarons Effect.   

-Kate L

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