About Town, Again

Monday: Rainy and cold. Holiday gifts on their way without leaving the house, thanks to the Jane’s Vanity website. Plenty of time to make it to Geography Club champagne luncheon (such a festive time of year). Wear Dana Pisarra’s Romantic Amande Camisole under my flight jacket. Take umbrella.

Tuesday: Raining. Stock up on essentials: ginger tea, long matches, orchids. Do the mending. Coat drive for Women’s Shelter. Tango lesson in the evening. Wear Gerbe’s “Oh La La” Tights designed by Gaspard Yurkievich. Galoshes?

Wednesday: Freezing fog. Another champagne luncheon. This time for shelter pets. Gift exchange, naturally. I’ll contribute a fabulous Jemma Brick Embroidered Velvet Eyemask from Morpho+Luna. Funny Movie Afternoon in my living room. Today its Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. Chicken pie for dinner.

Thursday: Cloudy and cold. Riding lesson. Wine tasting. Nap.

Friday: Raining. Bring the Bossa Nova mix tape for annual champagne luncheon with all of my cousins. Cancel evening lecture. Early to bed in Gilda & Pearl’s Gina Camisole Set.

Saturday: Raining. Make vegetable soup. Return library books. Tamales with mother.

Sunday: Storm warning. Tacos with father. Silk pajamas into the AirStream. Baja here I come.

-Kate L

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