Tall Tales, Short Stories


One delight of JV’s fine lingerie is that it suits our individual stories. Whether we are statuesque, miniscule, or in-between, skilled lingerie designers know how to make us look great. Their deft proportioning, knowledge of color, and witty layering techniques flatter a variety of silhouettes. Let’s imagine how it works.

To deconstruct the art of lingerie, we bow to the perceptive body analysis of Italian fashion writer Chiara Giuliani, whose books about style focus on proportion.

For the tall and thin figure, sweeping skirts add allure. The grounding black color of Layalina’s ethereal Assiyah Silk Muslin Gown is reiterated by its matching Robe that is trimmed in Chantilly lace at wrist and hem. Its low neckline makes the bust look shorter and the legs longer.

An in-between figure might like a shorter jacket for a bit of drape. Emma Harris’s Rochelle Orchid Slip is enhanced by its matching Robe. Especially when the robe is worn open. The illusion of lengthening gives, as Chiara writes, “a youthful and entrancing look.” 

For the petite silhouette, a straight shape elongates the lower half of the body. By hemming a piece above the ankle, the slimmest part of the leg is highlighted. Nice to know that showing more leg makes us look thinner and taller. Gilda & Pearl’s Jewel Green Slip Dress not only provides this sleight of hand, but also brightens our face with its brilliant happy color.  

No matter our shape, Chiara Giulliani emphasizes the lengthening virtue of a silk scarf. Worn with the Sultan Garland Long Robe from Gilda & Pearl, the Balabar Silk Scarf will draw the eye towards the face, and guide the eye down the body. 

Contrast is important. The voluptuous and sensuously patterned Erté Silk Velvet Silk Robe from Christine Vancouver is only enhanced, as are we, by its simple and companionable Teal Silk Gown. To see more examples of styling for proportion, enjoy studying the flattering images on the JV website. 

The happy ending for tall tales and short stories is to feel comfortable and confident in our lingerie–and our shape. And thrilled to be wearing such clever garments from Jane’s Vanity.

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