I suppose that I could adapt to the technology of parking fees. In Portland the hip driver would utilize “Parking Kitty.” To ride the bus, the techno-savvy passenger would use “Hop.” But I draw the line at the technology of posture. I don’t think I’ll be purchasing a little gadget that sits between my shoulder blades and beeps at me if I slouch. Or the eyeglasses that tell me that I am not only slouching, but also stressed out.

Nope. Instead, I will think back to a recent visit to Little Italy in San Diego. As I passed through the lobby of my hotel, a very handsome young man, possibly Italian, stopped dead in his tracks and called out to me, “What a beauuutiful outfit!” No machine could have produced better posture. Or a more sincere “Grazie!”

Stunning lingerie can nudge you toward fabulous posture, too. Your back will arch ever so slightly as that glorious bra lifts your bosom skyward. Scintillating silk camisoles and chemises demand that you relax your shoulders and pull in your tummy. Perfect stockings accent your curves and put a spring in your step.

Posture Workout #1: Sit in your local coffee bar, writing in your journal. Your cashmere hoodie can’t hide your Cadolle Apia Mallard Lace Waist Cincher. Tell yourself that you hardly notice the glance from across the room.

Posture Workout #2: Walk to work. As you do so, just keep repeating, “Whatever happens today, I’m wearing the long-line black bra from Akiko Ogawa, constructed of scalloped floral lace, lined in pale tule. Tonight I will wear the matching slip with its little bustle.”

Posture Workout #3: When grocery shopping, wear your Olivia Von Halle Daria Roxanne Cropped Pajamas. Show off your triceps as you push the cart along. Circle each aisle twice. Smile.

Hooray for good posture--and lingerie from Jane’s Vanity

-Kate L

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