Nice outfit. A little work of art. And, each piece that I’m wearing has a story. My look is an amalgam of high and low, heritage and hip. Let’s break it down. But, where to start? From the inside out, of course, with Jane’s Vanity.

My beautiful bra sets are wrapped in narrative. They are the basis of each day’s mood. Shall it be an old favorite? Every time I wear the Valery Vintage Print Lingerie Set, I remember that island vacation. Or, perhaps, it’s time to strut out a recent acquisition. The Gilda & Pearl Emelia Lace Lingerie Set promises new adventures with its vintage-inspired stretch French lace in delicious black.

Next, for smoothness, a rib silk camisole from Dana Pisarra. The Mil Slate Rib Silk and Lace Camisole would go with black pearls. The Cipria Rib Silk Camisole feels so Parisian in a gorgeous shade of pale pink that is almost taupe.

Stockings? Stay-ups from Falke round out any composition. The Circle Net Stay-ups are always my favorites, but the High Heel Stay-ups, with Cuban heel and backseam, would be worth a little experimentation.

Which jeans? Something ankle-length to show-off the stockings and my new leopard-print kitten heels.

Then, Zynni’s Silver Silk Cashmere Draped Basic Top. A simple backdrop for a cardigan or  jacket. 

With this signature base from Jane’s Vanity, I’m ready to accessorize! But, that’s another story…. 

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