Soft Centers

What’s under your foxy faux fur coat? The chocolate box surprise of a lingerie soft center. JV’s luscious jewel-toned pieces are all you need to sweeten up your winter outerwear. And to cheer up your date. What flavors will you choose? For suggestions, we turn to Portland chocolatier Cristina Yen, owner of Yen for Chocolate

Think “salted caramel with brandy and cardamom” when you slip into the Alexandria Gold Silk Gown from Layalina. Its buttery Italian silk and matching Calais lace come alive beneath an  oversize teddy bear coat–possibly in pink. Or lilac?

“Candied orange peel and marzipan” bring to mind the combo of Studio Pia’s Petra Amber Convertible Lingerie Set and matching Petra Amber Silk Robe. The longline bra is fully functional as a strapless, too. Wrap bra and robe in a coat of chocolate brown mohair.

“Lavender and lime” conjure the palette of Christine Vancouver’s colorful Erté print. Wear the design in Erté Silk Pajamas for that “bright young thing” effect. Especially under a sherpa-lined trench, worn open.

“Brown butter, fig, and balsamic” describes the flavorful Golden Hollywood Silk Pajamas from Gilda & Pearl. Their leopard print just growls for something faux furry to wrap up in. 

And for “Salted caramel and green apple,” imagine Gilda & Pearl’s Sophia Jewel Green Camisole Set or Slip Dress. What could look nicer beneath a shaggy full-length coat in white?

“Oolong and elderflower?” “Ginger, clove, and pear?” Get the warm fuzzies when you contemplate the possibilities of lingerie dressing beneath a coat of winter. 

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