Shoulder Surfing

Actress Jane Birkin is famous for a handbag, but her most notable accessory might be her shoulders. In photos, she appears at advantage when her wide-neck French pullover has slipped to one side. Her shoulders, and her garments, say a lot about casual allure, comfort with one’s body, non-verbal communication. Jane’s Vanity also speaks shoulder language.

Vannina Vesperini, the very French designer, offers just such a Boatneck Sweater, newly arrived at JV. It is a short, sweet passport to cool. One size. Practice shrugging left and right before the mirror. To go beneath the Emerald Boatneck Sweater, choose the silky matching Emerald Camisole Set, trimmed in black lace. We especially love the way the little sweater and tap pants flirt with one another. You'll glide through spring in this cozy and sexy combination.

Having mastered the art of off-the-shoulder, you will wish to expand your repertoire with other peripatetic garments. Experiment with a silk chiffon Kaftan from Klements, in Watchtower or Poison Poppy print. Graceful and ethereal, these pieces move with you–and keep on going. So handy to enliven a vacation or an evening at home. Morpho + Luna’s Kri Butterfly Tunic will add some body language to a coffee date, a business lunch, or an afternoon in the kitchen. Its sweet pea green silk is printed with blue, white, and silver butterflies. Catch them in flight.

Pair your pretty shoulders with pretty bra straps. Freolic London provides three possibilities with the Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set, the Ocean Silk and Lace Lingerie Set, and the Brick Silk and Lace Lingerie Set. Any of these stunning color mixes would make a lovely gift for any occasion.

Both Janes know that how you wear your clothing is as important as what you wear. We act accordingly. 

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