Your wardrobe should make your life not only prettier, but also easier and happier. Jane’s Vanity offers clever shortcuts that give you and your look a winter boost.

Shortcuts are the genius of everyday life. For example, if you feel disinclined to cook a complicated dinner recipe, try putting all of the ingredients into a salad with lettuce instead. Toss. Eat. Read. Or, if you are bored with styling your hair, try unstyling it. So French. Achieve the proper effect by lying down and going to sleep.

Jane’s Vanity shortcuts allow you this same kind of freedom. And they are fun. A bodysuit is a great shortcut. Not only sleek, but also handy for minimizing morning choices. Cozy, too. Taryn Winters’s Pamona Gilded Lace Bodysuit has arrived, just in time for Valentine’s Day. A masterpiece of grace and glamor, its beautiful black lace front is complemented by a thong back of sheer tulle. You’ll want to wear it every day. A bodysuit can be even more helpful by allowing you to wear it as a top under a suit jacket. The perfect choice would be Voiment’s Silk Wired Bodysuit in champagne silk and mesh. Love the triangle cups with black-stiched lace, reminiscent of sartorial pocket handkerchiefs. 

A kaftan is also a wonderful shortcut. Klements’s choices have a built-in slip for added warmth and coverage. Wearable and layerable in so many ways. Choose the Poison Poppy Chiffon or the Watchtower Chiffon. To make it even simpler, they are both “one size.”

Vannina Vespirini uses a single color as a shortcut. In this case Khaki, a memorable foil for black. Three pieces in this singular color make a little wardrobe: mix the Khaki Silk Camisole with either the Khaki Silk Jane Trouser or Skirt. Accessorize as you desire. Perhaps a chunky knit sweater and ankle boots. Also lovely alone for tooling around the house. Know that the cut of Vespirini’s garments will make you feel both comfortable and desirable. 

And what better shortcut than knowing that you are stocked up on a variety of Falke stockings. They allow you the versatility of dressing for warmth and instant leg interest. Best of all, they allow you to wear your silk apparel all year round. Favorites this year include the Striggings Over-the-Knee Socks in wool and cotton, choice of Dewberry or Hazel, and the Moon Gala Tights, black opaques with baroque pattern 3D knit on lower leg. 

Must fly. I’m late. But I can dress in a flash in my JV best. And maybe take the back way…

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