Lady of Letters

Is your electronic life lacking in luster? Do you long for a little romance as February 14 approaches? Watch the screen on which you are reading this dissolve into a view of Paris from a little garret. Here you might correspond with someone special, in longhand of course, and send the letters off by carrier pigeon. A fantasy that just requires the right costume to complete the scene. Jane’s Vanity dresses you as a Lady of Letters.

Once upon a time, In the Age of Enlightenment, a Lady of Letters meant someone who filled her days with correspondence, witty conversation at the famous salons, intellectual pursuits (and other types of pursuits). While looking great, of course. You might follow in her elegant footsteps. Begin the day by peering through your telescope wearing Christine Vancouver’s Darwin Silk Gown over Dana Pisarra’s Blue Eden Cashmere Silk Top with exquisite sheer embroidered insets at its long sleeves. 

Mid-morning, you revise your encyclopedia (everyone was writing one then), in the Emma Harris Amelie Silk Slip and matching Black Silk Robe. Later, you might take a ride in a hot-air balloon wearing Vannina Vesperini’s Khaki Camisole and Jane Trousers beneath the Morpho + Luna Luna Flannel Dressing Gown. 

Back at your desk you discover a satisfying pile of personal mail. All for you. Wearing the Klements full-length Reindeer Patti Dress, you are suitably attired to savor each little billet-doux. You can hardly wait to reply. In purple ink.

Today you’ll take a pass on the afternoon salon and head instead to a hip little coffee house. There to hold court in Gilda & Pearl’s Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama in fuchsia.

And now, at night, so many ideas swirl in your head. You’ll get them all down on paper in the morning. Tonight it's just the view of the city and you in your new Marjolaine Imprimé Fleurs Silk Chemise: an inspiration in floral print on black silk and black lace applique. Bonne nuit.

Wherever your dreams take you, write them large, in transporting lingerie and loungewear from Jane’s Vanity.

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