Say Wesh


Say what? A French teenager could fill you in. This combination of “oui” (yes) and the Berber/Moroccan “ach” (which means “what”) has become a staple of French slang. It works as a marker, a bit like “You know” or “OK.”* If you don’t dare say it, just think it, as you admire your so-French reflection in the morning mirror. “Very cool, wesh?” Jane’s Vanity speaks your language in hip little items from Paris.

Cadolle’s Fit Shaping Bodysuit is your argot, an underbust midsection shaper with wide-set spaghetti straps and lacy accents. It shows off your gorgeous bra, as it gives you that va-va-voom feeling, wesh?

Or, indulge in a little Parisian history with Madame Aime’s Amethyst Rue Mauvais Garcons Set, named for the block-long “bad boy” street in the heart of the Marais. Saturated purple silk is paired with black pointelle mesh to create a seductive bra and shorty. A good way to be bad, wesh?

Lise Charmel offers a forward look with the Revelation Charme Bandeau Set from her Epure line. The mission is to give you the feeling of wearing air. Only better. Prettier. In sheer black stretch mesh, wesh?
Well, enough slang. Time to concentrate on the really sick lingerie at Jane’s Vanity!

*“French As It’s Now Really Spoken” by John Von Sothen, Wall Street Journal, May 3, 2019

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