Role Models

Gary Cooper is my role model for cool. So suave, this cowboy who wore Italian haberdashery. I want his casual swagger, his wry smile. I can feel the vibe when I wear Jane’s Vanity clothing. It wraps me in the nonchalant authority of slouchy pockets, up-turned collars, silks that skim the body. “Coop” might suggest just the addition of a knowing sideways glance. Shall we let him demonstrate?

Morocco (1930): Uniforms, uniforms. The French Foreign Legion version looks suitably exotic on Cooper. But, costar Marlene Dietrich has her own take: a top hat and tails. I will employ an Old Hollywood variation, the Nights in Paris PJ from Gilda & Pearl. The black and ivory formality of its shawl-collar jacket is offset by a short tap pant.

The Westerner (1940): It’s the scarf! Real cowboys know that silk at the neck is best for keeping cool. I’m never without a selection of original designs from Klements

Saratoga Trunk (1945): A gambler needs a smart coat. Cue the Longline Silk Smoking Jacket from Klements. Long, reversible, and as charming as the man himself.  

High Noon (1952): Whenever I must defend my territory, I saunter down main street in pants that sit at the hip and flare at the ankle. For Restless Sleepers has got me covered in the Potter Flared Trouser in a Technicolor mix of florals.

Love in the Afternoon (1957): It’s playtime at the Ritz in sharp suits and smart little dresses. Make mine the the memorable Grazia’Lliani Cobalt Front Pocket Silk Dress. Let’s call room service!

Jane’s Vanity is my role model for a truly inspiring way to dress! 

(And check out Gary Cooper: Enduring Style by G. Bruce Boyer. Brooklyn, NY, Powerhouse Books, 2011.) 

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