Robes as Outerwear

If there is one trend we are always delighted to see hit the mainstream, it is lingerie as outerwear. With garments this beautiful, who can resist the urge to show them off? We live for pajama dressing, celebrated the return of the slip dress, and shiver with joy every time we see a peek of an intentionally-displayed camisole or bra. We've been poring over Fall's innumerable fashion magazines, and are thrilled to see one of our favorite styles getting the accolades it deserves as outerwear: the robe.
Who can resist the glorious ease of a robe? As Vogue says, "A single strap snuggly tied around the midsection with an attention-drawing twist is just enough to make the body bloom into an hourglass… It’s a cinch!" And really – it is. Chic, modest, and effortlessly seductive, robes offer endless versatility and variations on style.
“Indulgent and luxurious () and fancy and not really contingent on sizing,” your robe styling can change with your mood. Here are a few of our favorite robes to style as outerwear.
Feeling like a femme fatale? Cinch the waist on a fuller-skirted style, add red lipstick & conquer the day. These stunning offerings pair classic cuts with an exaggerated waistline, a feminine style that will pair perfectly with flats for the farmer’s market or sky-high heels for a hot date.
In the mood for a bit more of an effortless chic? Leave a mens-styled dressing gown open over trousers and a tee for a look that will take you from brunch to dinner in glamorous ease. Whether it was designed for men or echoing that traditional design, you’ll show your styling chops AND have abundant pockets for your lipstick and phone.
One of the easiest styles to wear out on the town, these cropped cuties can just as easily be worn with jeans and boots as dressed up for a formal occasion. The perfect lightweight jacket for transitional weather, these styles will also fit perfectly under a winter coat as the weather continues to cool.
Living in the Pacific Northwest, we see a lot of ghastly, garish fleece jackets that completely eschew form for function. These chic Italian styles are the perfect antidote. Stay warm AND stylish in these cinched offerings from Grazia’lliani. You won’t look like a marshmallow or a cliché, and you WILL get compliments.

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