On Lingerie & Imagination

Sometimes I think there might be something wrong with my imagination. For example: it's never crossed my mind to attend Oktoberfest in Munich Germany, and then we did just that. This all came about while entertaining friends from Germany at a small rodeo in eastern Oregon this summer. I also never imagined a rodeo growing up in Minnesota.  Maybe there were no ranches, or maybe it was my imagination not dreaming of the possibilities beyond a blue lake.

So off we go! Just like the rodeo requires some authentic western wear, Oktoberfest requires a dirndl. There's no place like Munich for finding the perfect dirndl, and I do believe I did!  Now you might wonder what this has to do with lingerie, but it does.  The upper part of the dirndl is very much structured like a corset to help lift the bust line skyward, but for the final lift upward, a great push-up bra is required. Once again, I didn't realize that, although I don't think that has any reflection on my imaginative skills. Lucky for me, I travel with an assortment of great lingerie options, and a push-up is always included; she came to the rescue!

Lingerie helps shape your look in a myriad of ways, from subtle comfort to defining the hourglass female form. From the twenties to the fifties, to all the eras that shape shift the lines that define the celebration of femininity in all its glory.  As for the dirndl, I don't know when I will wear it again, but I do know my push up bra will be worn again and again, many times thereafter. I just have to use my imagination!


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