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In 2015, Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour used the word restless to describe Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion soul. Now, in 2019, we say a farewell to Lagerfeld. But artistic restlessness lives on. It comes to mind as we study the images on the Jane’s Vanity website. Here are designs by artists enthralled with the creation of a continuing vision. Each piece feels personal yet modern. A mix of emotion and style. To wear these garments is to feel beautifully hip. A luxurious idea.

One of JV’s labels, For Restless Sleepers, is a perfect example. The name is a playful variation on the monogram of Italian designer Francesca Ruffini Stoppani. Her business is all about silk pajamas of the most elegantly comfortable sort. She was inspired by the practicality of men’s pajamas to create her own carefully-tailored versions in glorious original prints and slinky shapes. Low-key yet glamorous, they are suitable for any occasion... The ultimate simplicity. Each season Ruffini finds her obsession, that restless design thread. It emerges from her travels or the pages of her extensive personal library. She manages to suit herself and tantalize her customers at the same time.

Jane’s Vanity gathers other innovators. Breathtaking pieces from British brand Coco de Mer illustrate CEO Lucy Litwack’s passion for collaboration with the likes of the Victoria and Albert Museum. JV showcases the work of Charlotte Allen at Klements. From her London atelier Allen pursues her dream of “slow fashion” with hand-drawn prints that are truly works of art. Italian label Dana Pisarra sends surprises from Italy as their designers reimagine the finest knits to layer and love.

We all feel restless, sometimes. Could be the start of something fabulous!

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