Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

Thx for the postcard from Marrakesh. Sorry about your luggage. Nice about the embassy attaché. Good thing you stashed the Klements Committee Print Aurora Gown into your flight bag. I am forwarding some emergency Jane’s Vanity supplies to your upcoming destinations. As follows:

Cairo: Lise Charmel’s fabulous Art et Volupte Ivory Lingerie Set, for a bit of pampering; Dana Pisarra’s Cannes White Long Caftan, for an evening in Luxor;  Morpho + Luna’s Mika A’Jour Pajama, for a cruise on the Nile.

Palermo: The Lise Charmel Ecrin Desir Plunge Lingerie Set, to create a Sicilian mood with shades of red embroidery on black mesh; Olaz’s Ruby Short Silk Slip for those balcony moments; Klements’s Gothic Floral Frieda Dress, for a sunset stroll to the Quattro Canti.

Capri: Really, all you’ll need is Gilda & Pearl’s Emelia Lace Lingerie Set plus the Dana Pisarra Dream Embroidered Cotton Kaftan. But, I tossed in the Flo Silk Shirt, just for fun.

These should see you through. Don’t be sad about missing Mother’s Day brunch at Aunt Sylvia’s. We’ll be thinking of you, you minx.

XXX, Your devoted daughter, etc., etc.

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