Art speaks. Across millenia and genres. Making art is part of being human. And one of life’s joys is to commune with the art that is all around us. We do so when we decipher a painting, listen to music, admire a nattily dressed Italian gentleman, or study one’s Jane’s Vanity lingerie. Because the works of art at JV definitely have something to say to us. Let’s get the latest.

You have probably already considered your lingerie as a form of non-verbal communication–your own. You know what we mean. The designers are happy to help with that, but it is not the end of their story. In the space of a small garment, they capture what is going on in the world and in their hearts.

This seems especially true for the designs of Studio Pia. Each piece makes you stop and think. Perhaps because each step in the construction process is a statement. The style is witty. The materials are not only lovely but also interesting and sustainable. The engineering is unique. As if to say, “right now, this is what needs to happen.” Let’s look more closely at the Aretha Embroidered Lingerie Set. The bright orange and gold graphic design is a blowup version of 1970s fancy machine embroidery from Switzerland. Imagine (or, possibly, remember) tiny floral patterns on hankies, sheets, curtains, blouses. Conrad Forster-Willi was the master. His designs are fresh as Alpine daisies. Studio Pia studied his archives. The resulting Aretha Set, joyful and courageous, seems to be talking back to a pandemic. Psst: don't miss the matching Kaftan. 

There is more fun to be had with Studio Pia’s Gabriella Longline Lingerie Set. It is a tribute to 20th century Italian artist Gabriella Crespi. Her timeless furniture and other works were a mix of Mid-century Modern and Art Nouveau. The Gabriella Set gives a nod to Crespi’s wicker designs, this version on a base of mulberry purple silk that showcases golden embroidery on recycled tulle. To wear it is to feel hip, sexy, and deliciously curatorial.  

JV lingerie has many references and points of view. And we’ve noticed. Lingerie might be what we talk about, when we talk about art.

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