Play Date

“Come play with me.” A provocative invitation. Could mean a walk in the park or a brunch that lasts 12 hours. Whether sending or receiving this message, you’ll be well-prepared, in very best play clothes from Jane’s Vanity. No need to sacrifice the curtains for wardrobe, when JV offers you such great choices. Ready Set Go!

Perhaps it will be window-shopping and dinner downtown:  Just your kind of date. And a chance to show off your lovely new Vannina Vespirini Burgundy Schiap Silk Dress. The retro details and shirred waist are sophisticated and high-spirited…just like you. 

Or a drive in the country:  On a Sunday afternoon, with nothing shaking, what better occupation than a cruise with windows down and radio on? You provide the commentary in Christine Vancouver’s Luxe Silk Crepe Lounge Set of black tank and matching trousers. Add the splashy St. Tropez Silk Top for a stop at Dairy Queen (or the Madonna Inn). 

A rainy day could mean a jigsaw puzzle afternoon: Cozy up in Morpho + Luna’s Jardin de Nuit Silk Pajamas in floral print of teal, blue, green, grey, and white. Unfasten a few top buttons to reveal the Emma Harris Rochelle LIngerie Set in berry purple silk and shimmering lace appliqué. 

You often meet at the bookstore: That’s you looking intellectual in spectacles and Gilda & Pearl’s Esme Ostrich Lounge Set in black silk. Its feathered trim at sleeve cuffs and trouser hems puts you ready for a little hide and seek in the stacks.

But, today the invitation is “Your place:” Play it as you wish. May we suggest the pale blue Veronique Silk Pajama from Emma Harris. This pretty set is the perfect accompaniment to a game that goes into overtime

The beauty of your Jane’s Vanity wardrobe is that you need no excuse to wear these sensational pieces. They match your life and add to the fun, however that plays out. 

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