Our image, our individual style, is fluid throughout our lives. Even the most carefully crafted persona longs to be dismantled and reassembled once in a while. How to proceed? Look around. Feel what is in the wind. Try people-watching in Venice. Walking through an art gallery with your lover. Reading a book. Or, experimenting with a new lingerie style from Jane’s Vanity. You might find it transformative.  

Challenge your status quo with the new Adela Longline Lingerie Set from Studio Pia. Its peachy pale pink silk is new for you. As are its ornate accents of embroidered tulle in gold, silver, and purple. The look is 1930s Moderne, with molded cups, strappy back, and high-waisted thong. Even its clever adjustability adds to its boudoir charm. You, who never wore a sheath dress, suddenly desire a cocktail look. And high heels.

Let joyful prints into your quiet little life. Start with a scarf from Klements or Ika Paris. The squares are large enough to tie into a top! Try it on your travels, a great time to experiment. It will be a blessing on the road, when you’re out of ideas and need something special. Or pack a splashy silk blouse such as Violet & Wren’s Camo Bloom. Its long-sleeves and notched collar will protect you, while its silk satin print will spice up your basics. The Camo hand-launders with ease.

Dare to wear lace for day. Yes, you. Dana Pisarra provides a gentle jolt to the minimalist with stretchy lace-trimmed sweaters in pretty colors. The Blu Eden Cashmere Silk Top offers embroidered insets at sleeves and hem. The Bordeaux Rib Silk Top features even more lavish insets with soutache embellishment. Or go sleeveless with a Sec Silk Camisole, in Smoke or Bordeaux, with a deeply lacy decollette.  

Flirty stockings? Just try them--see what your soul says. They could be stay-ups or gartered. Lots of choices. A garter belt might suit you. JV has matches for lingerie sets from Studio Pia and Camille Roucher.

Follow your heart, in lingerie from Jane’s Vanity. 

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