My Mail-Order Bra

My Mail Order Bra

There it is on the screen. The bra of my dreams, at the Jane’s Vanity website. So pretty. So right. I need it. Truly. But, dare I try to order from afar? My mailbox could use a lift (ha!). My spirits also. The trick is in the fit. Follow along as I make the match.

First, to read “Fitting Room,” on the JV Website. I can almost hear the voice of Emily, Jane’s assistant. Her insider’s knowledge and friendly tone provide the encouragement I need to get out the fabric measuring tape. Just like junior high school. And almost that long since I have measured my bosom.

Size determined, I contemplate my bra collection. It is a good opportunity to check lingerie lifespans, as well as to analyze size patterns from brand to brand. I also get intel from a quick try-on and an honest look in the mirror.

Armed with options, it is time to get in touch with Jane’s Vanity. Emily or Jane are just an e-mail away, via their Contact page. I enjoy the online conversation with these sizing experts. They contemplate the right choice based on my measurements, the sizing of my favorite lingerie brands, and the unique characteristics of the new bra. When in doubt, they might suggest that I order two sizes, one to return.

The big moment arrives. A beautiful package on my doorstep. Now the test. Back to the online “Fitting Room” to analyze the fit. First I adjust the band, a bra’s secret of support. Is it snug and straight across the back on loosest hook? Check. Next the underwire. Does it lie flat, no digging? Check. And the cup. I study the mirror from front and side. Does it offer a comfortable smooth fit without puckering (too big) or allowing spillage (too small)? Check. And, most important, do I love it? Yes!

Actually, I find that I prefer to fit a bra at home. Delivery is handy (and free). The JV Return Policy is straightforward. It is fun to have my entire wardrobe nearby as I contemplate an addition. And, by going through this process, I have not only learned something about the lingerie industry, but also made new friends at JV.

The Jane’s Vanity website offers such beautiful lingerie, expertly made, elegantly photographed and described. Nice to know its service is just as supportive as its lovely garments.  

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