My Coverups

My dream is a wardrobe of Jane’s Vanity coverups. A bit of glamour for every occasion. Where to start? Well, naturally, by tossing out everything else. Then, to build an empire!

But what does one really need? I imagine some semi-realistic scenarios:

Summer Morning: Up at dawn to tiptoe outside and turn on the sprinklers. My cat Mario accompanies me as we wander around the garden, say hello to the chickens next door, and discretely admire the handsome construction workers who are arriving at a job across the street.
My coverup: The Bianca Linen Robe from Morpho + Luna.

Ding Dong: Like the sound of a lover’s arrival, the diesel drone of the Amazon truck conjures bliss. It stops. Then footsteps. I’m not dressed!
My coverup: The Klements British Museum Slouch Kimono

That Coachella motel: The desert feels a little film noir, a little Thelma and Louise. My nostalgic mood is perfect for a long float in the pool and a walk down the road in the cool of the evening. No space in the sports car for more than a tiny bag. So I’ve just packed jeans, a bikini, and...
My coverup: The Meng Black Patterned Kimono

Emergency Cocktails: “Yes, come right over. I’ll get the cheese and crackers.” I’m ready for a little chat in stilettos, skinnies, and something silky and soothing.
My coverup: The Olivia von Halle Mimi Robe in Ink

Bath in the Afternoon: Who is that turbaned goddess emerging from the steam on her way to a fantasy evening?
My coverup: Valery’s Sheer Paisley Robe

By the Fire: Castle chill requires enveloping yet regal armour.
My coverup: The Grazia’Lliani Capoverde Fleece Robe in Black

Around the World in 80 Nights: Even stripped down to the essentials, my travel wardrobe avoids the utilitarian with the inclusion of a lovely, foldable, layer that is both modest and festive.
My coverup: The Grazia’Lliani Coccinella Jacket in Pink

The Long Hello: Seduction may be be just a state of mind, but, as French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass says, “Hide to show better.”
My coverup: Fleur of England’s Signature Black Kimono


-Kate L

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