Meng: “One Breath”

Meng’s fabulous designs return to Jane’s Vanity this spring. The young British label, in business just six years, bowled us over with its latest collection of robes and kimonos. The floral prints are exquisite. The fluid, easy shapes offer lovely possibilities for wear at home or on the town. The intricacy and depth of this work marks a pinnacle in Meng’s creative thinking. It calls to mind the Chinese concept of “one breath.”

The idea of “one breath” is presented nicely by the California style magazine C in a recent profile of M, the artist and restaurateur formerly known as Michael Chow. His restaurant, Mr. Chow, is known for its art collection, from portraits to signed plates. M explained that an artist’s single mark can represent everything that has gone before it, as if in one breath. He compared such a mark to a line drawn by one of the great Chinese calligraphers. Everything is in it, “personal, internal and true to one’s own time.”

Meng Zhang started her company in order to create beautiful floral designs that would become wearable art. Her atelier combines craftsmanship with innovation. The artwork is conceived and brought to life in the London studio. It is printed on silk satin in Italy. The garments, constructed in Italy and the UK, are carefully hand-stitched at the shoulder to stabilize the flowing fabric. The result promises the wearer a feeling of elegance and beauty. Indeed, one can get lost just gazing at the robes on their display rack.

Jane’s Vanity selections from Meng include pieces from its Polychrome Peacock collection. The unlined White Peacock Robe has a slightly flared hem, ideal to showcase the strikingly placed burst of red floral print. The narrower Black Kimono, also unlined, offers the added pop of a wide striped belt to complement the dark floral fabric. The mood of these garments is magical and free. They dance on air.

Breathe in the enveloping luxury of everyday elegance from Meng.

-Kate L

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