Let’s Do Lunch

“Let’s do lunch.” Sometimes this is a suggestion for a club sandwich and a good chat. But, it might be an invitation of a different sort. One that is light on food, let’s say, but delicious nevertheless. Whatever is on the menu, layer in a lovely little chemise, selected by the lingerie gourmets at Jane’s Vanity.

A chemise is the simplest of garments, popular for thousands of years around the world. It falls free to flatter your shape and offers a canvas to convey your mood. Shall it be a bias-cut silk or a cheery cotton? A floral print or a jolt of color? A little lace or a lot? Sometimes a chemise includes a surprise. Savor the possibilities.

Unwrap your wrap dress to reveal stripes from Morpho + Luna. The Paris Stripe Silk Chemise offers a candy-stripe in pink with accompanying heavy white lace. The Paris Pinstriped Silk Chemise features ivory and black pinstripes with heavy black lace accenting. 

Embrace your inner odalisque in a skimpy little chemise from Gilda & Pearl. Enjoy the black French leavers lace trim of the teal-colored Midnight Jade Chemise or the golden Midnight Cognac Chemise. The Salon Privee Silk Slip boasts shimmering metallic French lace on pink stretch silk.

When ordering up your next chemise, consider the deshabille look. That might mean an a-line style or even going up slightly in size to insure ease. You’ll get the idea with Violet & Wren’s Catkin A-Line Slip with its sensuous shape, racerback detailing, and pink on pink floral design.

Buon Appetito for noon adventures in prettiest chemises from Jane’s Vanity.  

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