In the theater, a dramatic moment can resonate even more strongly when contrasted with a quiet interlude. Lingerie lovers know the power of an intermezzo. Think accordingly, and reach for a delicious little surprise from Jane’s Vanity. 

The elegant gesture of covering up is a nice addition to your repertoire. Especially if the coverup is from Emma Harris: so flattering, graceful, and weightless. Her new colorways include the pale orchid purple of her Rochelle Orchid Collection, accented with smokey lavender sparkling lace. Choose the Lingerie Set, Slip, or Robe. For an afternoon sip of champagne, select from her shimmering Celeste Champagne Collection of Lingerie Set, Slip, and Robe, plus Camisole Set with Tap Pants. 

The mood-altering potential of a coverup is brilliantly realized by Studio Pia with its wickedly short silk robe in Amber. Just the thing for a round of Gin Rummy. Then there is the un-coverup possibility of the sheer Aretha Embroidered Kaftan Robe in shades of red and gold. But what is an un-coverup?  

Well you might ask. An un-coverup is basically a negligee. The concept has been recently addressed by Gilda & Pearl with their Jardin de la Lune Collection. Black stretch tulle has been shaped into a Bodysuit, Gown Set, and Long Robe. Then mischievously embellished with black and white floral embroidery. Little has been left to the imagination. Which is exactly the right amount.

Steal the show, in a provocative little coverup (or un-coverup) from Jane’s Vanity.

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