How to Lingerie

Follow these Jane’s Vanity recipes for uplifting lingerie concoctions (with apologies to How to Cocktail from America’s Test Kitchen). Cheers!

The Baby Doll: Start with black silk chiffon, then add a little rim sugar at the transparent bosom of the All That Glitters Babydoll Set from Gilda & Pearl. Garnish with the matching jacket that features sheer embroidered accents at shoulder. Short and sweet.

The Vespirini: Champagne is the base for Vaninna Vespirini’s new Alhambra Bralette series in tulle and silk topped with stunning French embroidery, in choice of Gold or Black. A lacy racerback keeps things light and refreshing.

The James Bond: Serve up sophistication in The Nights in Paris PJ from Gilda & Pearl. Ivory satin-collared black silk blouse and matching shortie bring a shot of glamour to any adventure. Why not add a surprise ingredient, the wispy Coco de Mer Laissuria Velvet Set, underneath?.

The Spritz: Cool things down with a bit of chartreuse, Grazia’Ilani’s Chartreuse Floral Pajama, that is. The white floral design on ultra-lightweight viscose is perfect for travel. Blend with pretty camisoles and white jeans.

The Ziggy: Just mix Voiment’s Silk Wired Bodysuit with a frothy Zynni cashmere robe. Add a zest of lemon, and it’s time to play. 

A toast to amazing mixology from Jane’s Vanity! 

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