How’s Your Morning?

You know it is going to be a good day, when your radio alarm wakes you to the Esther Phillips version of “And I Love Him.”  It was the Beatles’s favorite, too. Not a bugle call, rather a lush and exultant embrace. How’s your morning? Better and better as you greet the day in favorites from Jane’s Vanity. (Esther, we love you).

To sip your OJ in the sunshine, wear Christine Vancouver’s Ophelia Floral Gown. Its ultra-light black silk charmeuse is the background for an oversize floral print in shades of white, yellow, orange, red, and teal. Spaghetti straps outline a shapely lined triangle bust, while the a-line body sweeps gracefully to your toes. 

To dance around the house with your cat, slip into Klements’s Antwerpen Silk Pajamas. Pale aqua silk is patterned with toile-inspired adventures in shades of brown. Piped in white, these sophisticated pajamas will wrap you in daydreams. 

To apply your morning maquillage, don Violet & Wren’s Saguaro Gold Bias Slip Dress and matching Longline Silk Robe with spiffy navy accents. The sunny southwest print will match your mood. 

To twirl out to the porch for an early lunch, choose Cadolle’s fully-pleated Angela Mallard Chemise in transparent teal. Love the scarf neckline, cut-in shoulders, and open slit down the back. Delicious. 

Be a morning person in delights from Jane’s Vanity!

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