Have you noticed? Your daily mix of JV lingerie is more fun and outrageous when you are happy. Suddenly unusual pairings suggest themselves. And you don’t mind showing them off. In fact, it makes you feel even more terrific to do so. Here we offer some lingerie scenarios. And speculate on the elation that prompted them.

You dare to wear the Orunée Bodysuit from Hervé by Céline Marie with jeans and your favorite baggy sweater. Your bare shoulders lead the way as you prance along. The matching Orunée Gloves add just the right attitude. Perhaps your rhythm comes from your triumphant return from tango camp in Buenos Aires?

Or, you choose the Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set from Freolic London. Add Vannina Vesperini’s Intemporel Silk Camisole. And wrap it all in Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight Silk-lined Velvet Jacket. Because your first vintage wine is ready to drink. And you’ve invited everyone you know to come try it.

You experiment with orchid and black. The Emma Harris Rochelle Orchid Lingerie Set looks surprising and provocative beneath Gilda and Pearl’s Jardin de la Lune Long Robe in sheer black stretch tulle with floral embroidery. Because you’re plotting, for someone’s benefit, the tousled yet purposeful look of an early morning barista.

Sometimes, it is the JV clothing that makes you happy. And, today, you just want to wear your new Thalia Corded Lace Monowire Lingerie Set from Karolina Laskowska. With everything. Maybe beneath the slightly unbuttoned Camo Boom Blouse from Violet & Wren, the Jardin de Nuit Silk Pajamas from Morpho + Luna, or Emma Harris’s Celeste Champagne Slip. 

Heightened spirits create magic: in our hearts. In our look. Celebrate the carefree possibilities in beautiful compositions from Jane’s Vanity.

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