Going Up?

If you wear Jane’s Vanity, life cannot be boring. The same might be said of living in an apartment building with elevators. Never never boring. We illustrate. 

If you lived in a house, you might miss the opportunity to summon an elevator and find a dog standing all by himself inside. What to do? Well, he’s obviously going down. So go together. Apartment dogs seem always so sociable. He will admire your Klements Florry Occult Dress, sense your take-charge attitude, and be happy to get acquainted over a free cup of coffee in the lobby. You shouldn’t have long to wait. 

If you lived on a tugboat, you probably wouldn’t be taking an elevator selfie on your way to work. At each floor, more people would join in. Perhaps one is tall with long arms. The better to hold the phone while everyone poses around you and your fabulous full-skirted Reindeer Zennor Dress from Klements. Say Fromage!

If you lived in a Quonset hut, you would never make the mistake of pressing Up when you meant Down. Here adventure really begins. What is up there anyway? Find out as you stroll along the corridors in your shimmering Vegetal Robe from Vannina Vesperini. Perhaps there will be a party. You’re glad you wore the Christine Vancouver Meghan White Silk Crepe Gown underneath.  

If you had a wash tub and a clothes line, you would miss the ride down down down to the laundry room. There to not only meet new friends, but also see their sheets! This calls for the Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama from Gilda & Pearl in Hollywood Rose pink silk with marabou trim (hand wash only, darling). 

But what about taking the stairs? Good for the legs. Maybe tomorrow, when you will certainly be wearing Dana Pisarra’s Luxor Wool Silk Dress to show them off.

Meanwhile, your Jane’s Vanity wardrobe can’t wait to ask, “Going up?”

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